Laravel Spark

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The Alpha of Laravel Spark has just been released and it’s goal is to be an opinionated way of building out business oriented SaaS applications. It features team management, user roles, recurring billing through Stripe, and much more. In this tutorial let’s take a deeper look at this new package.

Spark is designed with only one goal in mind, to make scaffolding out a billing system for a SaaS app easy. If you’ve ever built out team management and a billing system then you already know how time consuming and painful this process is. There is so much tedious work hooking up all the different systems, designing it, creating invoices, and on and on. By using Spark, you can put your focus on what matters, the business.

So let’s jump in and take a first look at Laravel Spark.

Please note that Spark is an ALPHA release. Things will change and things will break. This post is meant to give you an overview of what it features right now. As Spark stabilizes I will update this post as appropriate.