About me

I make my living these days helping others achieve their online goals. Technically you might call me a web developer or even a software engineer; however my role is not just a technical one, drafting code is only one part of my role. I help identify, shape, develop and create and maintain online properties, relationships and value for my clients in the field of Internet business.

Depending on the demands of a particular project, I may find myself helping to shape an idea for a new online project, planning, writing or rewriting a site's content and marketing copy, putting together a company's press releases, planning and or outlining an effective user interface, or even implementing an effective SEO campaign on the strategy side of things. On the technical side of the equation, I have no problem about getting my hands dirty, from setting up and maintaining the web and database servers that run a site, designing databases, writing secure standards compliant code to best practices, not to mention testing and debugging that code, and even maintaining such a project across a team of technical professionals.

I help shape and often direct online marketing and business objectives, work to gain top search engine results, and most importantly, work to figure out how to make a web property do what it is intended to do, which is to get results.

PHP Programming

I am using a number of scripts and libraries written in a scripting language called PHP. PHP is a module that runs inside of the open source Apache web server, which I installed and configured on the actual machine that is hosting this web site and many others.

MySQL | Database Design

This site also utilizes the popular MySQL database engine that holds much of the site's content and stores information provided by visitors such as yourself when you fill out the contact form for example. I designed the database that the site pulls from, and utilizing stored procedures available in MySQL, I installed and configured and compiled the database server itself from source code.

My Objective

Have a position in the field of web development, especially in php programming language where my skills and knowledge can be utilized and developed.